Vince McMahon Making “Heavy Alterations” To WWE Shows

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon returned to WWE in early 2023 and since then many onlookers have been waiting to see how long it would be before he took a grip on the company’s creative direction once again.

Vince McMahon’s influence may grow once again when the Endeavor takeover is finalized as he will be named as Executive Chairman of the TKO Group which will oversee both WWE and UFC. Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel has previously discussed his admiration of McMahon and noted he didn’t want him to walk away from the business following McMahon’s short-lived retirement in 2022.

Fightful Select has reported that McMahon continues to make changes to shows remotely, although there is said to be a “wait and see” attitude among many regarding McMahon’s influence. Several roster members were noted to be “upset” over what they saw over WrestleMania weekend when Vince McMahon was present and apparently growing in influence once again.

The report continues by noting that WWE stars have been reassured that Triple H is still in charge of creative but McMahon does make “heavy alterations” to shows remotely although they tend to be more severe when he has been present backstage.

Whether Vince McMahon will be physically present at more shows following the Endeavor takeover remains to be seen.