Ex-WCW Star Gets Back In The Ring For First Time In 12 Years

WCW Monday Nitro

A former WCW star has rolled the back years as they got in the ring and took some bumps for the first time in 12 years and warned that they weren’t done with wrestling.

Taking to social media, podcast king Conrad Thompson shared a video of former World Championship Wrestling star Lash LeRoux taking some bumps in the ring after’s Top Guy weekend. LeRoux noted in the video that he thinks they were the first bumps he’s taken in 12 years while Thompson pointed out that the star is only a shade older than current WWE Superstar AJ Styles:

Lash LeRoux is only a few months older than AJ Styles. @LashCanDrawstepped in the ring for the first time in over a decade after we wrapped Top Guy Weekend.”

Lash LeRoux was part of WCW from 1998 until the company shut its doors for good in 2001. During his time there he briefly captured the WCW Tag Team Championship as Corporal Cajun alongside Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero) when they were both a part of the Misfits In Action.

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LeRoux’s last appearance in WCW came in February 2001 when he unsuccessfully challenged Rick Steiner for the United States Championship on Nitro. Le Roux’s last match of any kind – so far – came back in 2006 on the independent scene.