Ex-AEW Star Breaks Silence On Departure

AEW Logo over roster

A former AEW star has issued a statement on their exit from the company.

After disappearing from the roster page on AEW’s own website, Tony Khan confirmed that Sonny Kiss is no longer with the company after Khan decided not to renew the star’s contract. Khan discussed the issue at the post-All Out press conference:

“I really like Sonny Kiss. We have a roster of over 100 wrestlers now across AEW. Sonny is a great wrestler. I’ve done a lot to keep the locker room stable and I have a lot of people that I not only keep under contract, but I’ve done well to not do major mass layoffs and let 20-30 people go at a time. I can’t renew every single contract in AEW, it would be impossible and with such a big roster and limited amount of TV spots, I think Sonny Kiss is a great wrestler and had a lot of potential from the very beginning and still has a lot of potential.

“I think Sonny Kiss could certainly be back. We’ve seen people go on, do exciting stuff, and comeback like Stu Grayson. You never know what the future holds for Sonny Kiss. I think Sonny Kiss has a lot of talent and I wish him the best and I hold him in high regard. It’s true that I did not renew that contract, but not because I don’t like Sonny.

“Every opportunity Sonny has had, I’ve put thought into it. With a huge crew, it’s hard to get everyone on TV. One thing that’s been a challenge is losing Dark and Elevation. The roster is growing and growing, it’s much bigger than the original roster, which Sonny was part of.

“Sonny and others who are not with AEW anymore, we’ll keep an eye on them and I’d be open to bringing them back if something opens up or I get an idea for a story of if anybody has an idea for a story that I would do or they get hot and I get interested.”

Sonny Kiss discusses AEW exit

Taking to social media, Sonny Kiss opened up about her exit from AEW as she looks to the future as a free agent in the wrestling world:

“4 years of living my dream, traveling, making everlasting friendships, working with my childhood heroes, growing into the human I’ve become right before everyone’s eyes, and of course, being part of some historical events with groundbreaking wrestling promotion: AlI Elite Wrestling (AEW).

“I have made quite a few mistakes along the way. But I also have learned some valuable lessons, too. I am incredibly grateful for it all. In December, l’ll be 30 years old with 10 years of wrestling under my belt. The fun part is: I haven’t nearly touched the surface of what I am capable of. knew my journey in pro wrestling would not be an easy one, regardless of my talents.

“The best part of it all is that I showed people like me that anything is possible when you’re working your ass off for it. It may not come easy, but it WILL come. Sometimes you have to fall all the way down to reignite that fiery passion again. So, now what? I’m the Concrete Rose, Sonny Kiss and I am a free agent. I am SO ready for this next chapter. Let’s continue to break those barriers down, shatter those glass ceilings, and make Sh!t happen! Where to next? XO, Sonny”

Kiss last competed in an AEW ring back in March 2023 when she teamed with Trustbusters partner Jeeves Kay in a loss to the Iron Savages. Since then Sonny Kiss has featured on Ring of Honor shows but is yet to pick up a win. Her last outing saw her team with Kay and Slim J in a loss to Dalton Castle and The Boys in July 2023.