Ex-AEW Champion Still Dealing With Injury Despite Return


There were plenty of shocks on Dynamite on Wednesday night but the return of former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa seems to have caught plenty off guard.

On Dynamite in Detroit, fans saw the return of both former TNT Champion Miro and former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa on the show. Renee Paquette approached both of them separately as they went to Tony Khan’s office.

Miro has not wrestled in an AEW ring since September 2022 and The Bulgarian Brute only competed in four matches for the company in the entirety of 2022 with the other three outings all coming in June.

Thunder Rosa has not competed since August 2022 when she relinquished the AEW Women’s Title as a result of injury. Rosa had returned to the company to provide Spanish language commentary but whether La Mera Mera is ready to return to the ring is up for debate.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that he was surprised to see Thunder Rosa back on the show as her injury issues are still believed to hampering her:

“Miro doesn’t surprise me because he’s been on the shelf for a while and so he could be one of the new stars for the Saturday show.

“And then Rosa – Rosa’s back is really bad, I was kinda surprised. She’s been at the tapings every week and I know that when she’s trained in the ring… they showed one of them on All Access and granted that was months ago, but I’ve heard still, when she’s training, she’s hurting a lot. Her back is not better.

“They reintroduced her, so I don’t know what the role would be. I didn’t get the impression she was ready to return so quickly.”

Tony Khan also appeared on the show touting yet another huge announcement next week, while noting that there were wrestlers literally lining up for opportunities in the company. It is believed that the announcement will be that of the Saturday night Collision show which is likely to be revealed as part of Warner Bros Discovery upfronts taking place in New York City.

h/t WrestleTalk