Eric Bischoff Damns Tony Khan With Faint Praise After Collision Announcement

Eric Bischoff behind a podium during an AEW appearance

Whilst Eric Bischoff has been rather critical of AEW in the past, he had some praise for the company’s latest announcement – along with a warning.

It was announced ahead of the 17th May 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite that a new programme, Collision, would be launching on 17th June. The show will take place on Saturday nights, with some of the stars who’ve been used less in recent months such as Miro, Thunder Rosa and Andrade El Idolo all featured on the poster.

It had been muted that this was the return show for CM Punk along with a “hard split” in the roster, although he was seemingly pulled from the announcement amidst another rift with AEW.

One man who has had a lot of scathing words for Tony Khan in recent months is Eric Bischoff, after he made sporadic appearances for the company. However, he seems somewhat impressed with AEW getting a third weekly show.

In a discussion on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed how Collision is a sign of faith from the network – however he isn’t sure it will hit the demographic it needs to.

It is indeed [good for the industry]. Congratulations to Tony and the entire team at AEW. It’s a vote of confidence from a television partner, and there’s no way that is not a wonderful thing. I don’t feel as positive about a third show just because history has proven that diluting your product and diluting your focus, and just diluting your resources for too much content is not strategically the best idea.

Add to that, it’s a Saturday night show, and I don’t know how many 18- to 49-year olds are home watching television on a Saturday night. Maybe a bunch, but when I was in that demo, I wouldn’t have been one of them. I just can’t imagine that there’s much of an audience for it, but hey, I’ve been wrong before. Let’s see what happens.

On the most recent edition of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan confirmed the locations for the first few tapings of Collision.

If using this transcription, please credit 83 Weeks along with a h/t to TJR Wrestling.