Eric Bischoff Says “We’re Still Not Seeing The Best Of MJF Yet”

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff believes MJF can get even better than he is right now.

The AEW World Champion competed in the most important match of his career at All In. Not only did he get to compete against best friend Adam Cole and walk out with the title, but over 81,000 people were there to worship The Devil.

Eric Bischoff heaped praise onto the World Champion’s performance in the main event during an episode of 83 Weeks. The Hall of Famer stated that because The Devil is this good now at a young age, he will just keep improving as he reaches his prime:

“So impressed. So impressed. I think MJF, we’re still not seeing the best of MJF yet. That’s still to come. He’s still a child, as far as his career. He’s got so much more to give, to grow, and to learn, and to experience along the way. It’s only gonna make him better every time he comes through the curtain. He’s already, in my opinion, the most valuable guy on that roster. Without a hesitation, he’s the most valuable person in that company, in my opinion, and he’s going to get more valuable,”

Eric Bischoff Not Afraid To Criticise AEW

While Bischoff appears to be a Devil worshipper, the former Raw General Manager has gone on record on multiple occasions to point out flaws in the AEW product in general. In the past, Bischoff has gone on record by saying a third weekly TV show for the promotion is “stupid” and believes that the ratings in general are horrible across the board.