Eric Bischoff Calls AEW Decision As “Stupid”

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff thinks that AEW adding even more content to their lineup is a “stupid” decision.

As a WWE Hall of Famer that was the former President of WCW, Eric Bischoff has a long legacy in pro wrestling going back to his days in the AWA as an announcer before he took an announcer’s job in AEW.

After guiding WCW to unprecedented success in the 1990s as WCW Monday Nitro beat WWE’s Monday Night Raw for 83 weeks, Eric Bischoff knows what it was like to create content. Over the years, he spoke about how when WCW’s bosses decided to add Thunder as a second weekly TV show, it played a part in the downfall of the company.

It has been reported that AEW is planning to launch a third weekly TV show in support of Wednesday’s Dynamite and Friday’s Rampage. The new show is likely going to air on TBS on Saturday Night’s like the classic WCW Saturday Night show.

While speaking on his Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff wasn’t shy about saying he thought it was stupid for AEW to do another weekly TV show.

“Good for them, I think it’s stupid. I think it’s a dumb move. Their product is soft on television as it is, their core product is inconsistent and that’s being really really kind, in terms of creative.”

“Having another hour of television, and maybe it’s just an economic opportunity that’s too hard to say no to and I understand that, but I am so unexcited about another hour of AEW until I see a couple of hours of it that I find compelling and I haven’t seen that in a long time.”

Eric Bischoff continued talking about how adding a third show would dilute AEW’s product.

“Why not build up the power of your streaming platform since linear television and cable television is a slowly dying thing anyway? Why put resources into a dying entity, dilute the product that you already have and isn’t doing really well on television anyway, despite how much you contort yourself into believing that it is?”

“Put your resources into the next evolution of the product. Not to another hour or two or add more Ring of Honor or more cross-promotion or more Forbidden Door. Everything you do continues to dilute your core product.”

H/T WrestlingInc