Eric Bischoff Reveals William Regal’s Struggles During The Start Of His WCW Career

Eric Bischoff Reveals William Regal's Struggles During The Start Of His WCW Career

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff delved into the tumultuous period when William Regal, also known as Lord Steven Regal, joined WCW.

In an episode of his podcast “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff’s candid remarks highlighted the challenging environment Regal stepped into and the personal struggles that accompanied his early days in the company.

Bischoff vividly described the state of WCW at the time, emphasising the dire circumstances Regal encountered:

I’m trying to look at this from Steve’s point of view back in 1993 he came into a s**tstorm. WCW was at its lowest point probably until the very end of 2001. From a moral perspective and a performance perspective, WCW was in the f**king toilet they were just abysmal, with no hope even on the horizon.

Bischoff also revealed his own personal turmoil during that period, providing insight into the broader despair within WCW:

I was looking for a way out of WCW before I got the nod as an executive producer once Bill Watts got fired.

In addition to the organisational challenges, Bischoff touched on the financial hardships faced by Regal during his early days in WCW. Expressing incredulity at how Regal managed to endure on a meagre salary, he remarked:

First of all I can’t imagine how he made it on 75 grand a year. Now you have to pay double taxes and you’re living in a hotel, even a cheap hotel, it gets really expensive to live in it. Buying your food out. I mean, I don’t know how to be honest.

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