Eric Bischoff Names Top WWE Executive As His Most Respected Person In Wrestling

Eric Bischoff Names Top WWE Executive As His Most Respected Person In Wrestling

Eric Bischoff revealed two individuals he holds in high regard within the wrestling industry, surprising many with his choices.

In a recent episode of his podcast “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff expressed deep admiration for William Regal, praising his integrity, professionalism, and insightful perspective on the wrestling product. Bischoff’s respect for Regal was evident as he shared:

Of all the people I’ve worked with, there’s nobody I respect more than Steve Regal.

He praised Regal’s exceptional understanding of the wrestling business, highlighting him as an invaluable asset to the industry.

Bischoff recounted a personal experience with Regal, where the two rented an Airbnb, providing them with an opportunity to reconnect. Through this interaction, Bischoff gained a deeper understanding of the challenges Regal faced while establishing himself in the UK wrestling scene during the early ’80s. Regal’s stories about his experiences with fellow wrestling figure Fit Finlay left a lasting impression on Bischoff.

The stories he told me about Fit [Finlay] and some of the things they went through were fascinating.

Bischoff said. This interaction led Bischoff to develop a newfound appreciation for Fit Finlay, acknowledging that he had not previously recognised the extent of Finlay’s abilities and the challenges he had overcome.

He’s such a classy guy, and he’s so good but he never really got the creative attention that he really deserved because he was that freaking good and he had so much ability to do so many different things because of his experience.

Who Did Eric Bischoff Think Was Challenging To Manage?

Eric Bischoff spoke about how he found it difficult to manage creative people in the wrestling business. Bischoff said that he finds creative people to be generally less organised, not disciplined and less focused. Bischoff also highlighted how managing wrestlers in particular can be challenging, but not more so than other performers such as rock and roll bands or actors and actresses.

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