The People Eric Bischoff Thought Were “Challenging” To Manage

The People Eric Bischoff Thought Were

Managing a diverse team can be a formidable task, especially within the dynamic realm of professional wrestling.

The industry’s chaotic nature often leads to assumptions that creativity is stifled by strong personalities and varying levels of compliance. One individual with invaluable first-hand experience in this regard is Eric Bischoff. Renowned for his pivotal role in revolutionising professional wrestling, particularly during his tenure as President of WCW, Bischoff’s innovative strategies and business acumen propelled WCW to unprecedented success, culminating in the iconic “Monday Night Wars” against the WWE.

Eric Bischoff shared his insights on working with diverse talents during an episode on his 83 Weeks Patreon. Specifically addressing the challenges of managing creative individuals, he remarked…

“Creative people, in general, are a lot harder to manage than non-creative people, their brains work a little differently. They’re not as organised, generally not as disciplined, not as focused. They get distracted very easily by bright, shiny objects. I’m one of those guys. I know that feeling.”

Eric Bischoff’s impactful contributions to professional wrestling extend beyond his time at WCW, encompassing a notable stint as the General Manager of RAW in WWE, where he made an impression as an on-screen persona.

Throughout his career, Bischoff’s creative vision and strategic insight have left a lasting imprint on the wrestling landscape, influencing the industry’s direction. When addressing the management of in-ring talent, Bischoff drew comparisons to other entertainment outlets.

“Managing wrestling talent, in particular, can be very challenging, just like it can be challenging managing rock and roll bands, or actresses and actors, or probably freaking ballerinas, I don’t know.”

Eric Bischoff Happy For Sting After Retirement

After being featured in one final match in AEW, the WWE Hall Of Famer, Sting called it a day in 2024. Speaking the year prior, Bischoff reflected on the fact that the icon got to go out on his own terms. The two have known each other for decades, most notably working with each other in WCW in the nineties.

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