Eric Bischoff Reflects On Who He Would Have Fired When Starting With WCW

Eric Bischoff Reflects On Who He Would Have Fired When Starting With WCW

Eric Bischoff, a pivotal figure in the world of professional wrestling, offered a candid reflection on how he would have approached leadership differently during his tenure at WCW in the 1990s.

In an episode of Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff delved into his retrospective outlook, expressing a desire to enact more stringent changes, particularly in his handling of personnel matters. He openly admitted his regret, acknowledging his initial leniency in managing staff.

It would’ve looked a lot different. I would’ve overhauled it right at the very beginning. I was soft. I never enjoyed firing people, believe it or not, because my reputation was power-hungry and I threw my weight around. It was the exact opposite.

The seasoned wrestling figure went on to disclose that given the chance to revisit the past, he would have pursued a substantial overhaul within the company, contemplating the removal and replacement of a significant portion of the VP/director’s staff. His introspective analysis extended to his tenure as President, where he recognised the necessity for significant organisational changes that he failed to execute at the time.

Had I had the chance to go back in time and have the same people in the same positions, [the] same situation, I would probably have eliminated sixty or more per cent of the VP/director’s staff and replaced them. By the time I got to be President, I could have and should have made probably no fewer than 8 to 10 major changes, but I didn’t because I thought I could fix it. I thought ‘No, they’ll come around. We’re having all this success. They’ll get on board.’ People don’t, man.

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