Eric Bischoff Discusses Potential CM Punk Return To WWE

CM Punk WWE Return: The Door Is Not Completely Closed

Former WCW Boss Eric Bischoff claims it “could be great for WWE” if they sign CM Punk following his release from AEW.

Last weekend Tony Khan broke the news that he had terminated CM Punk’s contract and he was no longer part of AEW.

Punk was fired following a backstage altercation with Jake Perry that led to a confrontation with Tony Khan.

With the former AEW World Champion a free agent, Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff feels that if Punk can align his goals with WWE then a return to the company could be a success for both.

Speaking on Strictly Business, Bischoff dove into the possibility of seeing WWE wanting to sign CM Punk after he had previously left by walking out in 2014.

Bischoff feels that if Punk approaches WWE in the right way it “could be really good”, but has warned that the former WWE Champion would need to address his personal issues.

“The culture in WWE, I don’t think, is going to be such or is such that he’s burned too many bridges and there’s no way,”

“I don’t believe that at all. I believe it’s all up to Phil Brooks and how honest he’s capable of being with himself. And what his goals are. He may have enough money in the bank after this last run to not give a f***.”

“It could be really good. It could be great for WWE. It could be great for him if he’s willing to do that. If he’s not, then he’s just going to fade away and be a ‘cult’ wrestling star and nobody will remember him 10 years from now.”

Bad Habits Must Go To Sleep If CM Punk Wants WWE Return

Eric Bischoff continued his discussion and called for Punk to face up to his issues and approach Triple H with honesty if he wants any chance of returning to WWE.

“However, if Phil can realize that he’s much like anybody that’s got a bad habit, eventually if you’ve got a bad habit that’s holding you back from being more successful, then you’ve gotta fix that bad habit.

If Phil can do that and sit down and have an honest conversation with Paul Levesque — Paul Levesque’s a smart dude. I think if Paul Levesque were to truly believe Phil Brooks, then I think there’s a shot. The situation, the environment would be a lot different in WWE than it was in AEW.”

CM Punk had been defending the “Real AEW World Heavyweight Championship” before being fired. The “Real” Championship came about after Punk felt he had not been defeated as the company’s main Champion but instead was stripped of the Title following a backstage fight with The Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page.

Should Punk return to WWE it would see him compete for the first time since the 2014 Men’s Royal Rumble which saw him on the receiving end of a chokeslam through a table by Kane.

H/t to WrestlingInc