Eric Bischoff Explains Why He’s Of No Value To Tony Khan & AEW

eric bischoff wwe hall of fame

Eric Bischoff doesn’t think he’d be of any value behind the scenes in AEW because of who he thinks Tony Khan targets his programming at.

The WWE Hall of Famer made several appearances on AEW television during the company’s early days but since then he has become one of the more outspoken critics of the company and its owner Tony Khan.

Speaking on Going Broadway, Eric Bischoff explained that despite his years of experience as an executive in the wrestling business, he feels he’d have little to offer Khan’s company because he believes Tony Khan has pitched AEW a the internet wrestling community:

“You want somebody that’s got a little different perspective than you do when you’re building something. The reason I wouldn’t be of any value to someone like Tony is because I absolutely disagree with what it appears Tony’s vision for AEW is, based on what he’s been doing for the past three or four years.”

“If Tony is marketing towards the internet wrestling community, I have nothing to contribute in that area but if Tony were to wake up one day and say ‘hmm, what I’ve been doing isn’t working like I thought it might, and I need to do better in certain areas,’ then that’s a point where I could have some value, but so could a lot of other people. It’s not like I’m the only one with secret sauce.”

“[Khan] keeps internet wrestling fans excited but if you want to build a television product on a major network, you have to learn how to tell episodic stories that are structured like episodic stories.”

Tony Khan recently suggested that he’d be open to producing even more AEW television in addition to the four in-ring shows that the company currently airs.

h/t Wrestling Inc.