Eric Bischoff Breaks Down How He’d Have Booked MJF’s AEW Return


Eric Bischoff would have handled MJF’s return to AEW a little differently.

At Double or Nothing, MJF stepped back into an AEW ring for the first time in over six months. After overcoming hip and shoulder injuries, the Salt of the Earth is back, and he’s a man on a mission.

Upon returning the star immediately took out Adam Cole who had betrayed him at the tail end of 2023. MJF went on to cut one of the more fired-up promos of his career, taking aim at just about everyone in sight, claiming he’s rediscovered himself and will be staying in AEW for the long run.

This pledge of allegiance also included the unveiling of a new tattoo and a warning to the AEW locker room. However, there are some who feel his return could, and perhaps should, have played out differently.

Eric Bischoff Had A Differnet Idea For MJF’s Return

Speaking on his podcast, 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff said bringing the former World Champion back on pay-per-view was a good move, but questioned why he needed to take out Adam Cole.

“You want people to be conditioned to believe, as best you can, that when you get a pay-per-view, you’re going to get more for your money than you expected,” Bischoff said. “So I understand bringing MJF back on a pay-per-view. [But] I would not have used the pay-per-view as the inciting incident to reignite that story [with Adam Cole]. I would’ve done it on television.”

Bischoff explained that if he was holding the pencil, he would have used Double or Nothing as a starting point for revenge on Cole, rather than blowing everything off at once.

“I would’ve gotten people hooked on the story,” Bischoff said. “As opposed to just coming out and taking care of business and making a strong promo on a pay-per-view. So no, I would’ve built it on TV. I would’ve had MJF come out, and now start building it on TV. I just wouldn’t have done it all in one night… Not necessary, and a waste. And you’re not going to get the most out of your story and your talent that way.”

It’s been reported since Double or Nothing that Adam Cole is still some way from full fitness following ankle surgery, so a match between the former friends is currently off the table.

MJF is set to return to AEW Dynamite on June 5th.

H/t to Wrestling Inc