MJF Didn’t Undergo Surgery, Upcoming Creative “Out Of Left Field”

MJF at AEW Double or Nothing 2024

MJF’s upcoming plans could take fans by surprise.

After almost six months out of action, MJF made a triumphant return to AEW at Double or Nothing, on a night to forget for Adam Cole. The star had just seen stablemate Roderick Strong lose the International Championship to Will Ospreay when he was confronted by his former best friend.

MJF verbally, and physically demolished Cole before sending a warning to the entire AEW locker room while unveiling a new tattoo.

A new report via Fightful Select has now offered a deeper insight into the star’s big comeback and his much-discussed contractual situation. According to Fightful, the former World Champion’s return was a closely guarded secret and he was flown to Phoenix before being driven to the arena in Las Vegas to try and throw fans off the scent. When he eventually arrived at the MGM Grand Garden Arena he was smuggled backstage in a wheelchair.

With regard to his contract, the report notes he agreed a new contract at some point in 2022 following Double or Nothing. However, exactly when and the length of the contract remains a mystery.

The report adds that at one stage MJF’s contract ran from mid-July 2019 until September 1, 2022, but it’s unclear whether he signed an extension or a brand new deal that replaced the time remaining on the original agreement. In any event, the contract he signed made him one of the highest-paid stars in the company. The star had spoken publicly and privately about how deserved improved terms to put him in line with what a string of new signings in 2022 were given.

MJF Vs Adam Cole Pushed Back

In April it was reported that MJF had suffered a setback and had been forced to undergo shoulder surgery, however, Fightful notes this wasn’t the case.

There had been plans for MJF to face Adam Cole at the end of 2023, but Cole’s broken ankle caused a shift in plans. The knock-on effects of which are still being felt. A match between the pair is now said to be “far from a reality” as Cole is a long way from getting cleared to return.

Interestingly, AEW sources suggest MJF’s upcoming creative “seemed out of left field” but they feel it will work out well.