Eric Bischoff Hits Back At AEW Star Taking Shots At Him

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has offered his reaction to recent criticism from AEW star Dax Harwood.

The WWE Hall Of Famer has been in the headlines in recent weeks after being publicly critical of Tony Khan’s recent use of social media site ‘X’.

Bischoff’s outspoken reaction drew a strong response from FTR member Dax Harwood, who berated the former Executive Director of SmackDown for his views.

On the latest episode of ’83 Weeks’, Bischoff brushed off Harwood’s views, whilst reiterating his original view on Khan’s recent behaviour:

“Well, either my skin has gotten so thick, that I just don’t react to things the way I used to. Or maybe you just get wiser with age. and having kind of been there when I was younger, kind of where Dax is right now.

So I kind of get it, you know. I mean, let’s see where Dax is in his career; he’s got to say these things. He’s out there promoting his company, he’s defending his company.

His boss made a complete jackass of himself on social media during the week previous to this appearance. So I get it, because what else is Dax going to do if he doesn’t have a gig in AEW?”

Eric Bischoff Denies That AEW Critique Is Due To Lack Of Job Offer

Harwood’s partner Cash Wheeler had recently implied that Bischoff’s negative outlook of the AEW product was due to the former WCW chief not receiving an offer of employment from Tony Khan.

Bischoff denies this, however, suggesting instead that his view is based purely upon the numbers that AEW is delivering:

“The audience is deteriorating, it’s not growing. And you could talk, ‘Yeah, but less people are watching TV,’ and go back to that trope all you want. Is it a fact? Sure. Is it an excuse? Probably not.

WWE is growing in the same environment. Why isn’t AEW? It’s because of lack of story. It’s because of lack of character development. It’s because of lack of vision. And it’s because a lot of the chaos that’s going on behind the scenes.”

H/T: 411Mania for the above transcription