Eric Bischoff Dismisses Meaningless TNA Rebrand

eric bischoff hulk hogan

Eric Bischoff doesn’t believe the return of TNA Wrestling will help the company currently known as IMPACT.

At Bound For Glory, it was announced that IMPACT Wrestling will once again become TNA Wrestling in January 2024. The promotion used at least a variation of the TNA name from 2002 until 2017 — including when it was most popular.

While discussing the move, the company President Scott D’Amore said TNA was ready for a second golden age.

The rebrand has been greeted positively online, with many fans welcoming the return of the TNA name. However, not everyone is totally convinced.

Speaking on Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff said that while there’ll be some nostalgia for the name, he’s not really buying it.

“There is an argument to be made, I’m not sure I buy into it 100% in this case, but an argument to be made about tapping into nostalgia,”

Bischoff added that he doesn’t see how the name change will have an impact if the product remains the same.

“I just don’t think that TNA brand had enough value ever, so that bringing it back is going to have any kind of — no pun intended — impact,” Bischoff said. “Unless the product changes and there’s significant change in the presentation, it’s just changing the name of the show and I don’t think that’s gonna matter one bit.”

When Was Eric Bischoff In TNA?

Although his full-time career with WWE ended in 2005 along with his tenure as Raw’s General Manager, Eric Bischoff continued to make sporadic appearances for another two years.

Bischoff’s contract with the company expired in August 2007, and he made the final appearance for several years in December. The former WCW Executive Vice President remained out of the spotlight until January 2010 when he made his debut with TNA, performing alongside Hulk Hogan.

As well as appearing on-screen, Bischoff also worked as an Executive Producer backstage. However, his time with the company ended in controversy after he was sent home in October 2013 to sit out the rest of his contract which expired in early 2014.

Bischoff later described his time with the company as “regrettable.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc