Eric Bischoff Names Cody Rhodes As WWE’s Best Babyface

Cody Rhodes

According to Eric Bischoff, there was “no comparison” between Cody Rhodes and anyone else in WWE for best babyface.

Bischoff was asked by Sportskeeda who he thinks was the best babyface in WWE for the year 2022. The former RAW General Manager and WCW Executive Producer was quick to name Cody Rhodes, despite the fact that Cody spent most of the calendar year either sidelined with an injury or working elsewhere.

And yet, according to Bischoff, Cody’s work during 2022 was above and beyond anything and everything showcased by any and all of WWE’s other babyfaces.

“Cody Rhodes. By a mile. There’s no comparison. And that’s not taking anything away from anybody else, but let’s just look at the reality.

Look at the amazing impact Cody had in his match with Seth [Rollins] when he made his comeback to WWE. The promos that Cody has delivered along the way have been so memorable, so passionate, so real, so authentic, and compelling.

His work as a babyface, I think is phenomenal. Hands down, nobody else close, Cody Rhodes.”

Cody Rhodes only had eight televised wrestling matches in 2022. Three of those were on PPV/PLE against Seth Rollins, all of which Cody won. The rest were either singles or tag matches on RAW.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription