Arn Anderson Says WWE “Got It Right” By How They Brought Back Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

Arn Anderson thinks WWE did the right thing by changing nothing with Cody Rhodes’ return.

Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 wasn’t necessarily a surprise. What was a surprise to many, though, was how much he kept from his AEW character.

He didn’t revert to his “Stardust” character, the company didn’t tweak his name in any way, and he was even allowed to keep his nickname “the American Nightmare” and his AEW theme song.

Keeping all of these non-WWE elements on a WWE superstar came off as unusual to many fans. For many years, WWE had a penchant of controlling every detail of a superstar’s presentation and often ‘started from scratch’ when said superstars came from elsewhere.

But things were different for Cody Rhodes and this left many fans asking why. Luckily for those curious fans, Arn Anderson answered this question on his ARN podcast.

“Well, it might be who was in charge. What other reason could it be because it’s the same story, just a different name that you put with it. He came in red hot. It’s common sense to you and I or anybody else.

Ask 50 people out there what would have been the wise decision, bringing him in and calling him something else and starting him over with a brand new name? How many times have you seen that? They got it right and it’s gonna pay them dividends. It already has.”

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