Emma Announces WWE Release In Heartbreaking Fashion

emma wwe entrance

The backstage cuts look to be heading to the WWE roster as Emma announces her release.

Over 100 employees have been let go by WWE ever since the Endeavor takeover of the company was completed on the 12th of September. Layoffs were expected behind the scenes in the company but nobody foresaw cuts coming to the WWE roster as quickly but now it seems they have arrived.

Mustafa Ali was the first to announce on the 21st of September that he was “no longer working with WWE” despite being scheduled for an NXT North American Title match at No Mercy on September 30th.

WWE dream turns to nightmare for Emma

Now Emma has taken to social media just one hour after she called WWE running a stadium show in her native Australia “a dream” to reveal that she won’t be living that dream as she’s now been released by the company as well:

“Oops nevermind. I just got released… I am no longer with WWE.”

Known as Tenille Dashwood outside of the company, the star was originally released in October 2017 after six years with WWE. She returned in October 2022 during a spell where Triple H brought back several stars that had either left or been released.