WWE Hall Of Famer Wants Edge To Compete For New World Title


A WWE Hall of Famer wants to see Edge represent Smackdown in the finals of the new World Title tournament.

Booker T and Edge have a lot in common as WWE superstars because both men are in the WWE Hall of Fame. Booker actually has two Hall of Fame inductions since he got in as an individual as well as part of the Harlem Heat tag team with his brother Stevie Ray.

While Edge has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a solo act, he could certainly go in as a tag team as well with his best friend Christian some day down the road.

Edge and Booker also have a history together including a WrestleMania 18 match that saw them feuding over who got to be in a Japanese shampoo commercial. That shampoo commercial didn’t really exist, by the way.

Tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown in Knoxville is a big one for the Rated R Superstar. The blue brand has two triple threat matches and a final match in the Smackdown portion of the new World Heavyweight Title tournament. Those two triple-threat matches are:

* AJ Styles vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

* Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus vs. Austin Theory

The winners of those matches will meet later on Smackdown in a singles match. The winner of that singles match will face Raw’s Seth Rollins at Night of Champion on May 27th to crown the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

On Thursday, Edge posted a video to social media where he delivered a message about how he feels he has to win the World Heavyweight Title. This is part of what he said.

“Twelve years ago, I was forced to give the thing up. I never had a chance to get it back. Now I have a chance, and it all comes full circle. Now, this ride, it’s going to end sooner than later. Let’s face it, we all know that. I gotta get this done. It’s the last thing to do. It’s the period on the end of the sentence, right? This last sentence in the book. I gotta get that stuff out of the basement. I just gotta do it.”

“You know, all of you that are watching this, I assume you’ve been with me on this ride, and I really appreciate it. It’s going to end soon, and I gotta end it right this time. There’s no better way to finish it than to win the World Championship and then, when I lose it, that’s it. I’m done. So Rey, AJ, bring your best tomorrow. I know you will. I can’t wait to see you in there, to be honest. Let’s tear it up.”

During the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T supports the idea of Edge representing Smackdown in the Night of Champions match against his old rival Rollins.

“If he wins, that’s big, but then if he loses, he don’t lose anything at the same time. So that’s a win-win situation if Edge is in that position. And the thing is, if Edge is in that position, you’re gonna want him to win.”

Also on tonight’s Smackdown, the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns returns. Get ready to acknowledge him.