Edge Praises Sheamus For Being “So Insanely Talented”

edge wwe sheamus smackdown

Following a classic match on WWE SmackDown, Edge has praised his opponent Sheamus for delivering an incredible performance.

The main event of Friday’s Smackdown in Toronto saw Edge compete in his hometown perhaps for the final time. The match was a celebration of the Rated R Superstar’s 25-year career in WWE that has seen him win over 30 championships, main event WrestleMania, overcome numerous injuries and even come back after nine years to remind everybody just how good you are.

Edge wrestled Sheamus on Smackdown for the first time ever because they are close friends that wanted to have a match together. It was a great match that Edge won after about 20 minutes of intense action. Following his patented Spear, the 49-year-old Hall of Famer covered Sheamus for the pinfall win.

After the match, Edge hugged Sheamus to end the show. They would go backstage after that and share a glass of Guinness beer just like they had done many years earlier when Sheamus was given advice by Edge at a time when Sheamus was trying to make it in WWE.

On Instagram, Edge posted photos from the match as well as the beer drinking backstage. He also had a lot of praise for Sheamus, who will obviously be in the WWE Hall of Fame some day down the road.

“Full circle pints of Guinness. From Dublin to Toronto and 19 years in between. Back now after an amazing trip home to Toronto. What can I say? I’ll take that experience with me to the grave. Toronto you brought it. Speaking of bringing it, @wwesheamus is a beast.

“As strange as this sounds it was pure joy in there. Just two buds beating the hell out of each other. I knew he was great. But I didn’t know how great. That dude is so insanely talented, spectacular at what he does, and just a damn hard worker. He is the epitome of work ethic. Can’t teach that. Thanks fella. It was an honor.”

Edge Has An Uncertain Future In Wrestling

After the match with Sheamus, Edge told the crowd that he had to go home with his family to figure out what was next. That’s because his WWE deal will expire in late September, which means he could actually move on to another wrestling company like AEW, which some people believe could happen due to Christian Cage being his best friend, his close friendships with FTR and the history with The Hardys among other things.

Other options for Edge include simply retiring from wrestling again and not having another match. However, he could decide he has some more WWE matches left in him and perhaps hang around for another WrestleMania next April. Clearly, he’s a man of lot of options and a legacy in pro wrestling that will live forever.