Eddie Kingston Explains Why Backstage AEW Drama Doesn’t Bother Him

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has a really good reason why the backstage drama in AEW doesn’t bother him.

It has been a huge 2023 for Eddie Kingston since he’s currently holding the ROH World Championship for the first time in his 20+ year career and he’s also the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion as well.

Since joining AEW in July 2020, Kingston has become one of the most popular wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling due to his strong promo skills, the heart he shows as a babyface wrestler, and the likability factor that he brings to every performance he has.

Since Kingston has been part of AEW, there have been numerous stories about backstage issues. CM Punk, who was fired by AEW in September due to a backstage fight, has been in the middle of some of those fights. Kingston has even had a backstage issue with Sammy Guevera in the past, but those issues were resolved.

In an interview with Adrian Hernandez of Heavyweight Radio, Eddie Kingston says he’s so focused on his job that the backstage issues don’t bother him.

“No, it doesn’t bother me because I don’t care. I have a job to do. And my job is to make the people talk about us. And if I didn’t do a good enough job where they want to talk about backstage stuff, then that’s on me, I’ll just do better next time. You know what I mean? And like I said in the interview before, there was no locker room divide, like it was reported.”

Eddie Kingston has a small group of people that he interacts with in AEW locker room

When it comes to the backstage drama, Eddie Kingston usually just avoids it due to having a small group of people that he talks to.

“I don’t really hang out with a lot of people. I have like four or five people I chill with in the locker room. Those four or five people, they didn’t give a s**t what was going on? You know, we were in own world. We had to go to work. And that’s it. But you know, people are gonna talk about the drama because people love drama, man.”

“That’s why we have those kind of movies and all that you know what I mean? They love it. But it’s our job to go out there and produce to make them forget that and I think we are but if people still want to talk about it that’s on them not on me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Eddie Kingston also made it clear he wished that CM Punk was still in AEW.

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