Eddie Guerrero Was Ready For A Real Fight Against Brock Lesnar

Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar

Eddie Guerrero was prepared for a real fight with Brock Lesnar ahead of their famous encounter for the WWE Championship back in 2004.

In February 2004, Brock Lesnar was preparing to leave WWE for an attempt at becoming an NFL star with Eddie Guerrero the man the company put their faith in to take the WWE Championship off The Beast Incarnate. But things didn’t always run smoothly between the pair.

Speaking on The Undisputed Podcast, Chavo Guerrero reflected on the build-up to Eddie Guerrero’s WWE Title match with Brock Lesnar at No Way Out in 2004 and says Eddie had to have words with Lesnar about his physicality in the ring:

“Brock is such a strong guy, people don’t really understand how strong he is. After the match, Eddie was p*ssed because Brock stiffed him a bunch of times Eddie felt. Brock was working, but he was working so hard.

“Eddie pulls him into his dressing room and he’s like, ‘Brock! Get in here!’ They get into the dressing room and I’m like, ‘Am I going to have to open this door and help Eddie fight Brock?’ When they got out of there, they had straightened it out, and I remember Brock looking at me and going, ‘You know I was going to beat up Eddie in the ring, right?'”

As far as when the title match came, Chavo noted that his uncle was ready to fight as he had doubts if Lesnar would put him over for the title:

“Eddie came to fight. He was ready to die with honor [laughs]. He was like, ‘You never know what’s gonna happen out there.'”

Chavo Guerrero has also had a lot to say recently about WWE’s and Rey Mysterio’s continual tributes to Eddie Guerrero including the one at WrestleMania 39.

h/t Wrestling Inc.