ECW Legend Raven Opens Up About His Hatred Of His First WWE Run

ECW Legend Raven Opens Up About His Discontent With His First Run In WWE

Former WWE Superstar Scott Levy, known as Raven, recently shared his dissatisfaction with his initial stint in WWE from 1993 to 1994 during an interview with WSI – Wrestling Shoot Interviews.

Under the persona of Johnny Polo, Levy’s experience was marred by his limited wrestling opportunities and a role primarily as a manager, despite his desire to perform in the ring.

(Vince) thought I was too small, I was only 220 pounds, other than 123 Kid, I was the smallest guy in the business basically. I was working in Memphis, and they were working with New York (WWE) and they liked my verbal skills and wanted to make me a manager.

As Johnny Polo, Levy spent the majority of his on-screen time managing Adam Bomb and later the Quebecers tag team. Despite his managerial talents and contributions behind the scenes, Levy yearned to showcase his wrestling abilities.

Vince McMahon saw my talent, and so he made me a commentator, and an associate producer of WWE Monday Night Raw. Yeah, not a great period of time. I wanted to wrestle, I was doing what I didn’t want to do.

Feeling increasingly sidelined and disconnected from his passion for wrestling, Levy made the difficult decision to part ways with WWE in late 1994.

It’s when they took me off TV completely that I quit. I was managing, but then they had me stop managing. I had been doing the commentary with Vince, they then had me stop doing the wrap-around segments I was also doing on the All-American show, and he (Vince) wanted me to just produce, and I was like ‘nah, that isn’t what I got in this business for’.

Following his departure from WWE, Levy achieved significant success as the character Raven in ECW and later in WCW before making a return to WWE in 2000 for a few years.

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