Dustin Rhodes Explains Nickname Beef With Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes isn’t too happy with Jeff Jarrett calling himself “The Last Outlaw.”

On November 2nd, Jeff Jarrett shocked the wrestling world when he made his All Elite Wrestling debut on AEW Dynamite, attacking Darby Allin with a guitar before giving a speech about his family history in wrestling and saying that he was here to take over the company. During his promo, Jarrett referred to himself as “The Last Outlaw,” something that irked fellow AEW star and longtime veteran Dustin Rhodes.

Speaking to Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Rhodes explained that he considered that nickname a “badge of honor” when he used it himself, and that it bothered him to hear Jarrett use the name as he’s still working at a high level.

“Jeff Jarrett came aboard and he calls himself ‘The Last Outlaw’ and I kind of have beef with him because of that. I consider myself, since I’m still working and still working at a high capacity, the last outlaw, the last of my kind from back in the day. It’s like a badge of honor to me, he called himself that, and I kind of got pissed. I love Jeff.”

However, despite his misgivings over the nickname, Dustin Rhodes believes Jeff Jarrett is well-equipped to take on his new backstage role of Director of Business Development.

“Jeff has an extensive background for stuff like this, for the live events, for international distribution, things like that. He’s been behind the camera, in the truck, as a director and running the shows with TNA back in the day. Now he comes aboard to help us out with the live events and in the buildings, I think it’s going to be great and he’s going to make an immediate impact. AEW, we’re going on four years, and we’re growing.

“We’ve had a lot of stumbles along the way, but we’re getting better and better. Right now, it’s such a great time to be part of the company and something that started from the ground up, and look where it’s at right now. I love watching it when I’m home and there. Coaching these kids and watching them grow from day one, it’s incredible. These kids have come together and are working like a team. It feels like that team atmosphere.

“Somebody complains, every company has that, but for the most part, we are all together and working hard for the same goal, which is to be the best wrestling company on the planet. That’s a tall order, but we’re giving it our best shot.”

h/t Fightful