Major Update On Drew McIntyre’s Current WWE Status

Drew McIntyre

The WWE future of Drew McIntyre is certainly a big talking point these days as a new report sheds some light on what’s going on with the Scottish Warrior.

WrestleMania 39 featured an incredible Intercontinental Title match with GUNTHER defending the gold against both Drew McIntyre and Sheamus in a triple threat match. It was praised heavily, rated five stars by multiple people and many people would consider it one of the best matches in the careers of all three talented European stars.

That match at WrestleMania 39 was also the last time that WWE fans have seen Drew McIntyre, who has been off TV to rest the injuries he is dealing with.

It is also believed that McIntyre is unhappy with his current WWE contract and whatever creative plans that the company has for him although he has yet to say anything publicly about it. For the past month since WrestleMania, there have been a lot of rumors about what’s going on with the former two-time WWE Champion.

During Night One of the WWE Draft on April 28th, Drew McIntyre was the 10th pick that was drafted to Raw. He has been on Smackdown for a few years. When he was the WWE Champion in 2020-21, he was part of the Raw brand.

A lengthy update on Drew McIntyre has been provided by Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp, who reports that Drew’s WWE contract expires in early 2024, well before WrestleMania. Apparently, Drew “operated on the possibility that it was his last WrestleMania” due to his contract status.

While there have been those that might report that there’s a chance that Drew may leave WWE, Fightful says it’s more accurate to say that he doesn’t know right now. If a deal can’t be reached then he is willing to explore other options and perhaps return to WWE in the future. Then again, he could always re-sign with WWE long before his deal expires too.

The report added that McIntyre had been working injured with a few injuries that needed to be taken care of. However, Drew was adamant about wrestling at WrestleMania with his best friend Sheamus and wanting to put over GUNTHER as the dominant Intercontinental Champion that he is.

It was also added that McIntyre normally would be told about WWE Draft plans ahead of time since he’s a top star, but he was one of several people left that didn’t know where he was going (to Raw) until it was announced on television. There have apparently been other “miscommunications” with Drew over the past couple of years as well.

As for his creative direction, Fightful reports that Drew McIntyre is hands-on when it comes to his creative process. There have apparently been pitches for him to return to Raw as a heel (the roster has a lot of top babyfaces right now), but it’s likely that he will want it to creatively make sense.

Since WWE was recently sold to Endeavor and the deal hasn’t officially been approved (it’s expected to be approved later this year), many WWE talents are unsure about how the deal with Endeavor will affect them. There is apparently a different approach to how WWE deals with renewals over the last few years.

For now, it’s a situation that remains in flux as far as what’s next for Drew McIntyre with most WWE likely wanting him to stay where he is while others may want to see him find a new home.

In other Drew McIntyre news, WWE recently pulled him from advertising for Money in the Bank in London, England on July 1st and replaced him with Roman Reigns. That doesn’t necessarily mean that McIntyre is off the show, but it is an interesting move by WWE.