Drew McIntyre Reflects On “Unreal” WrestleMania Match

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Drew McIntyre has given his thoughts on competing in an incredible triple threat match at WrestleMania 39.

There were plenty of amazing matches and memorable moments at WrestleMania 39 back in April, so it’s hard for a lot of fans to pick just one match that might stand out among the rest.

For many fans, the standout match during the two night spectacular was the Intercontinental Title triple threat match that saw GUNTHER defeat former WWE Champions Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in a very physical brawl before talented European athletes.

It’s a match that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter rated five stars while yours truly did as well.

The finish of the match saw Sheamus hit his best friend Drew McIntyre with a Brogue Kick and when Sheamus went for a cover, GUNTHER broke it up with a top rope splash. That was followed by Gunther giving Sheamus a Powerbomb onto Drew’s back. Gunther hit Drew with a Powerbomb as well and pinned McIntyre to retain his championship.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Drew McIntyre spoke about that IC TItle clash while calling it one of his favorite matches ever.

“One of my favorite matches I’ve ever had is in the top three. And it can be in any position, to be honest, to have a WrestleMania match at that level with Seamus in there and always make the joke, about, you know, I met him when I was 19. He was 43. And it’s not a joke cause he’s much, much older than me, but I’ve always dreamed about having that big stage match and to have it at WrestleMania finally.”

“And to have GUNTHER in there was so incredibly talented and physical himself was unreal. But to hear the crowd that night, like they were so invested from the start, you know, they were ready for that match. We were ready for that match. No matter what was going on with me physically, I was gonna make that match.

“And, yeah, I remember specifically when Sheamus gave me the 500 beats to the face, most of them, the way the people came up. And I was lying there thinking, ‘Oh, we’re just getting started guys.’ And I’ve never had such feedback after a match. It was unreal.”

“Something I’m very proud of, Sheamus and I maybe get carried away with the whole personal issue and forgot about the undefeated Austrian outside the ring as we had ourselves a 15-minute WrestleMania match. Forgot about him. Gunther slid and took advantage of it and as he should have took advantage of the personal situation. But I’ll always be very, very proud of that WrestleMania moment in that match.”

Drew McIntyre made his return to WWE TV this past Saturday at Money in the Bank in London, England when he confronted GUNTHER. It’s expected that the Scottish Warrior and the Austrian Intercontinental Champion will have a huge match at SummerSlam in four weeks time.

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