Rumor Killer Regarding Drew McIntyre’s Future

Drew McIntyre WWE-sword

As the rumors persist about what’s next for Drew McIntyre in pro wrestling, there is one major show that he won’t be able to appear at.

The last time WWE fans saw Drew McIntyre on television was at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles over one month ago when he had one of the best matches of his career. Drew and his best friend Sheamus challenged GUNTHER in a fantastic Intercontinental Title match. GUNTHER won to continue his dominant reign as champion.

During the WWE Draft, Drew McIntyre was picked 10th in the first part of the draft and he was assigned to the Raw brand.

Since WrestleMania ended, it was reported that Drew’s WWE deal is set to expire and that he may be unhappy with the company’s creative direction for him. McIntyre hasn’t held the WWE Title in over two years and only got to challenge Roman Reigns once for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship while on Smackdown. That was a match in front of 50,000+ fellow United Kingdom fans at Clash at the Castle where many fans thought Drew might win, but Solo Sikoa debuted on the main roster to help Reigns win.

A recent major update on Drew McIntyre’s status is that his WWE contract is set to expire at some point in early 2024 before WrestleMania, but it could be extended due to his current time away. It’s also obviously a possibility that McIntyre could re-sign with WWE and stay for several more years.

In an update on Drew McIntyre’s situation, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter addressed a rumor that the Scottish Warrior could appear at AEW’s All In event in England this August. Obviously, due to being under contract with WWE, that’s not going to happen, but wrestling rumors can take on a life of their own these days.

“Regarding McIntyre and the idea he could be at All In, there is basically almost no chance of that. His contract expires months after that date so even if he were to leave WWE when the deal expires (a big if) and goes to AEW (which would be the most likely destination if he were to leave), that can’t happen until 2024. Also, WWE is likely to tack on all of this current period when he’s been out of action with an injury that would move the end of his deal back.”

While it’s currently unknown when Drew McIntyre will return to WWE’s Raw brand, it is possible that the company brings him back as a heel due to there being a lot of babyfaces on the Raw roster at this point.