Drew McIntyre Taunts CM Punk Using Justin Timberlake Song (VIDEO)

Drew McIntyre CM Punk Justin Timberlake

Drew McIntyre continues to mock CM Punk and this time he decided to use a famous Justin Timberlake song to be a part of it.

At the WWE Royal Rumble in January, Drew McIntyre gave CM Punk a Future Shock DDT and while taking the move, Punk’s right arm hit the mat, which led to a torn triceps for Punk. It was not McIntyre’s fault. It was more of a fluke injury that happens sometimes in pro wrestling.

On the Raw that followed, Punk revealed the injury and McIntyre mocked him for it while saying that he prayed for Punk’s injury. While Punk is out of action, Drew McIntyre won the Men’s Elimination Chamber match that will lead to Drew challenging Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 40. That was the spot that Punk was reportedly going to have at WrestleMania this year, which would have been Punk’s first WrestleMania match in 11 years.

Since Punk’s injury, McIntyre has done television and social media promos while also wearing a shirt laughing about how Punk won’t get his coveted WrestleMania main event match this year.

In a video posted to his TikTok and X/Twitter accounts, Drew McIntyre was shown lifting weights in his garage while playing a famous song: “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake. It was a huge hit single for Timberlake and obviously, in this case, Drew was mocking the fact that Punk cried when he spoke about his injury on Raw after the Royal Rumble.

McIntyre used his social media video to respond to Punk’s social media video that featured clips of Punk starting to lift weights.

“Well, well, well. Seems like a lot of people are awfully excited that Punk is back in the gym and using some baby weights. I know I am. [Starts playing ‘Cry Me A River’] Let’s test those triceps. [Starts working out] I’m sure he lifted more weights before the injury. I’ll see you in Chicago, Phil.”

CM Punk Could Confront Drew McIntyre On WWE Raw In Chicago

On the second last episode of WWE Monday Raw before WrestleMania, CM Punk has been announced for the March 26th edition of Raw in his hometown of Chicago. While Punk likely can’t wrestle until the summer of 2024, the former WWE Champion is known as an elite talker and could certainly have a verbal confrontation with McIntyre.

The last time Punk appeared on Raw was on January 29th. That was the same night when Drew McIntyre stomped on Punk’s injured right arm to cause more pain to his rival.