Drew McIntyre Pitches Cinematic Match To WWE Hall Of Famer

Drew McIntyre

Despite already stepping away from the ring, Drew McIntyre would like to lock horns with one WWE Hall Of Famer in a cinematic match.

Cinematic matches became somewhat of a necessity during the pandemic, allowing wrestlers and wrestling companies to broaden the scope of the matches they could produce given the rules and restrictions which were in place. Whilst there are varied opinions on the success of these kinds of matches, some were certainly deemed a success.

One man who was to take his final bow in this style was The Undertaker, who competed for the final time in a Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, which saw him victorious and riding away with his logo emblazoned on the building they had just fought around.

Despite noting that the transition to retirement has been hard, ‘The Dead Man’ has made it clear his days competing are over. However, Drew McIntyre would like him to change that for one more match.

In a discussion with Inside The Ropes’ Break It Down, Drew McIntyre spoke of The Undertaker being his mentor and his transition to becoming a peer of the legend.

It’s awesome that Taker said that because I’ve harassed him for many many years. Especially when I was younger and he was put in charge of me as my mentor and I drove him crazy with questions as the years passed and I went away from the company and came back. I grew up a lot, we became peers, talking on the same level. It’s cool now, I can send him a text.

Continuing on, Drew McIntyre urged The Undertaker to compete one more time in a cinematic match, as he’s sure he’s still got it in him.

Come on mate, you can do it. We’ll do one of these cinematic matches if you want, but I know you could do it if you wanted to.

Drew McIntyre is set to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 39, going up against Sheamus and current title holder Gunther in a triple-threat match.

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