Drew McIntyre Breaks Silence On WWE Survivor Series

Drew McIntyre stares down Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre has hit back at claims he stormed out of Survivor Series following CM Punk’s return to WWE.

As Survivor Series went off the air CM Punk walked out to a monster ovation, stunning the wrestling world. In what had been wrestling’s best-kept secret, Punk’s return to WWE had been secured days earlier, with only a handful of people aware he would be showing up at the event.

While Seth Rollins’ apparent dislike of Punk is well known, it appeared that Drew McIntyre was also less than impressed with his arrival. Fan footage showed the Scottish star rushing away from the ring before Punk appeared and he was said to be upset backstage. Although McIntyre stormed out before Punk appeared, it was reported that talent in the main event knew Punk would be closing the show.

It wasn’t clear whether McIntyre’s anger was linked to Punk, but he wasn’t happy with something as he left the arena.

24 hours after the show, McIntyre was back in action at a live event in Peoria, Illinois, taking on Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura. Ahead of the match, McIntyre cut a promo that was aired at the venue referencing things fans will have seen on the internet. The clip has since begun to circulate on social media.

At the same event, Seth Rollins also discussed the return of CM Punk.

“I didn’t win the World Title match recently, WarGames last night. My stupid team lost the match for me. You’ve heard things probably on the internet. Not in a great place, but there is one thing that can turn frown upside down, that can change things for me, and it’s getting that World Title. I can’t think of anywhere better than for Big D to finally raise his first world title in front of live fans than right here in Peoria, Illinois. Cheap pop.

I have a game plan. I’m going to take Shin’s [Shinsuke Nakamura’s] head and kick it like a field goal. I’ve learn a lot about American football recently. With Seth, I’m going to break his back, make him humble, kick his arse, and take that World Title. Then, we’re having an afterparty, it’s going to be huge,”

Drew McIntyre Could Take A Break From WWE

To add further fuel to the McIntyre fire, it’s been reported that he’s yet to agree a new contract with WWE. It’s widely believed that his current deal with expire in April, shortly after WrestleMania. While there have been hints that an agreement is in place, such as the star appearing in advertising for Bash In Berlin in August, a new report notes things might not be quite that straightforward.

With WWE feeling there’s plenty of time to negotiate an extension, Drew McIntyre is reportedly prepared to take a break from the ring.

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