Dragon Lee To Become Highest Paid WWE NXT Wrestler

dragon lee title

Dragon Lee is headed to WWE NXT in 2023 and will be paid very well there compared to some of the other superstars on the brand.

After winning the AAA Tag Team Title with his brother Dralistico over the AEW tag team known as FTR on Wednesday night, Dragon Lee announced that he was joining WWE. After Lee’s speech in the ring announcing his future with WWE, the company posted this on their website.

“Dragon Lee is heading to WWE after a surprise announcement at tonight’s Lucha Libre AAA event. After an emotional victory with his brother, Dragon Lee relinquished his title and made the shocking reveal.

A second-generation Lucha Libre Superstar, Lee has won championships worldwide with his supreme skills as both a singles competitor and a tag team aficionado.

The high-flying and uber-athletic Dragon Lee has earned industry-wide respect with his seamless blend of acrobatics with mat technician skills. The Mexican-born Superstar has ruled every ring that he’s ever graced with his unique and jaw-dropping offense and is now officially taking his talents to NXT.”

As for what Dragon Lee will be making in WWE, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available via subscription) noted that Lee will likely be the highest-paid wrestler in NXT.

“AEW had also made an offer to Lee… From a money standpoint, it was obviously more than Mexico but we were told the WWE offer was above the standard NXT-level money, but not main roster money. WWE contracts have a confidentiality clause in that the talent and their representatives are not allowed to reveal the dollar amount. If he was to get called up to the main roster, the general rule is a new contract is signed and the bottom number for the main roster is $250,000 per year.”

“The belief is that he would be the highest paid NXT wrestler now that Mandy Rose is no longer working with the brand. It’s a three-year deal and does call for pay increases with each year, but the hope and certainly the feeling he was given is he would have a main roster contract and be brought up in 2024.”

Apollo Crews is another former main roster wrestler that is in NXT for now that could be making more than Lee, but his name wasn’t mentioned in the report.

Dragon Lee is a talented 27-year-old luchador who wrestles with a mask on. While he has not wrestled for a major wrestling promotion on a full-time basis before, he has been a champion in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Ring of Honor, AAA and CMLL. Lee also comes from a wrestling family. His father is a luchador named La Bestia del Ring while he has also teamed a lot with his brother Dralistico in Mexico and another brother, Rush, performs for AEW.