Dominik Mysterio Is Future World Champion Says Wrestling Legend

Rhea Ripley Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio may only be 26 years old but one wrestling legend says the guy has ‘future world champion’ written all over him.

Dominik Mysterio has undergone a significant and career-boosting personality change over the past year. In early 2022, he was shoehorned into being Rey Mysterio’s son first and foremost and didn’t have much time to show off his own personality.

Since last summer, however, Dominik has been aligned with The Judgment Day and that relationship, along with his particularly close relationship with Rhea Ripley, has allowed Dominik to blossom into one of WWE’s most despised villains.

Earlier this year at WrestleMania, Dominik Mysterio had a singles match with his father that many fans called one of the best matches of the entire two-night event. And despite losing, Dominik hasn’t lost any credibility, nor has his ability to generate heat from the crowd faltered in any way.

Because of all these positive traits, wrestling legend Charles “Konnan” Ashenoff praised Dominik Mysterio as a future world champion during a conversation with MuscleManMalcolm.

“Definitely in the future because he got fast-tracked. You’ve seen he’s getting better in the ring, he’s more confident. He’s been in what, two years, and he’s got great, great heat, and a good gimmick.

So I could see him in the future, not now, definitely…he already knows the business. He’s second-generation, he was there when he was a little boy. They obviously like him, and they love The Judgment Day because they do run RAW.”

Dominik’s most recent high-profile match was a loss to Cody Rhodes at Money In The Bank on July 1st.

h/t WrestleZone for the transcription