Dolph Ziggler Opens Up On When He Plans To Retire

Dolph Ziggler celebrates winning World Heavyweight Championship

Dolph Ziggler has given an indication of when he plans to hang up his wrestling boots for the final time.

Having spent almost 18 years with WWE, Dolph Ziggler has come a long way from his original appearances as a member of The Spirit Squad under the moniker of Nicky.

Ziggler’s tenure in WWE has led him to plenty of gold, including numerous reigns as Intercontinental Champion, a spell as World Champion, and most recently having a run as NXT Champion.

Speaking in a recent interview with Wills & Snyder, Dolph Ziggler noted that he never wants to step away from professional wrestling, even though he is already 42 years old.

It really depends. The healthiest people in the world, sometimes it doesn’t work. Some people have re-occurring injuries. I’ve been very lucky. Going on 18 years, no major surgeries. Any kind of surgery I got, it was from wrestling in college. I’ve been lucky. I don’t ever want to stop. One day I’ll have to, but it sure as hell won’t be now.

By no means the oldest on the roster, Ziggler is towards the top end of the bracket along with the likes of AJ Styles (45), Bobby Lashley (46) and Rey Mysterio (47).

‘The Show Off’ has shown no signs of slowing down on WWE television, and has recently been embroiled in a rivalry with Theory since he became the youngest holder of the Money In The Bank briefcase in history.

On the most recent edition of Monday Night Raw, a superkick seemingly out of nowhere was enough for Dolph Ziggler to add another win to his resume in a match with Chad Gable.

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