Dolph Ziggler Reveals His Top Two Wrestlers Of All Time

Dolph Ziggler Reveals His Top Two Wrestlers Of All Time

Dolph Ziggler revealed his top two favourite wrestlers of all time.

In an interview on The Spanish Announce Table podcast, Dolph Ziggler enthusiastically named Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels as his ultimate choices. Ziggler’s admiration for Flair and Michaels shines through as he explains:

Favourite wrestler of all time? That’s a tricky one. There are two. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair are my two favourites of all time. Five years ago, I would have said Flair. Right now, I’m going to say Shawn. It changes every couple of years.

Ziggler’s reasoning behind selecting Flair and Michaels centres around their consistent ability to deliver extraordinary performances inside the squared circle. He emphasises the value of being a ring general who can create unforgettable moments regardless of the circumstances. Ziggler states:

Any kind of guy that’s that kind of ring general, no matter what position you’re in, no matter who your opponent is, comes out having the best match, that’s what I strive for every night. So those are absolutely top two in my mind.

For Ziggler, Flair and Michaels embody the qualities of true legends in the wrestling world. Their exceptional in-ring skills, undeniable charisma, and the ability to captivate audiences have left a lasting impression on Ziggler and countless others. Flair and Michaels’ enduring impact and widespread respect within the wrestling community further solidified their status as two of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Why Was Dolph Ziggler Released From WWE?

Dolph Ziggler was released from WWE on September 21st due to cuts being made following the merger with Endeavor to form TKO Group Holdings.

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