Dolph Ziggler Explains Why He Was “Heartbroken” By WrestleMania Match

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler says he’s heartbroken that his WrestleMania match against Otis didn’t play out in front of a crowd of fans.

In December of 2019, Mandy Rose became the center of a love triangle as she was courted by both Otis and Dolph Ziggler. The feud between Ziggler and Otis continued for months, and it was later revealed that Rose’s tag team partner Sonya Deville was interfering in her relationship with Otis. At WrestleMania 36, the feud culminated in Ziggler’s only singles bout on the Grandest Stage of Them All, with Rose attacking Deville and helping Otis to victory. The two shared a passionate kiss after the bout.

However, the romantic moment took place in front of zero fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing WrestleMania to take place in an empty WWE Performance Center. Speaking in a new interview with Sam Roberts, Ziggler lamented the fact that the culmination of their months-long story didn’t get to take place in front of fans.

“I hate, I f*king hate that I had one singles match in 18 f*king years and it was on a soundproof stage with no f*king fans. Here’s why I hate it. I don’t hate it because I only got one ever and there was nobody there. That’s f*king hilarious. That’s a great rib. Well done, Junior and everybody else.

“I am heartbroken that this beautiful story of this kick-ass lady and this bad-ass guy that you’re rooting for, and this a**hole, 80’s bad guy with his collar popped — My whole life is finally on TV. I’m the 80’s bad guy. I’m Blane and I’m going to race you down the mountain because my dad owns this place. I finally get it, and we invest so much time in it, and we don’t have the matches or the stuff that a lot of you guys see as important, but the behind-the scenes stuff, where Sonya and I have this weird chemistry right off the bat to where we seem like these a**hole Bond villains.

“I’m like, ‘This is the most beautiful story I have ever been a part of in this company and I’m so proud of it. And I go, ‘All I wanted is that moment where I get punched in the balls and Otis picks up Mandy and they kiss.’ And I go, ‘I am heartbroken that this is not in front of 80,000 people.’ It broke my heart because it was the payoff of a long story and sometimes we cut those short, and sometimes we do those wrong. When we do them great that’s awesome, and I’m usually not a part of it. I finally was, and I hate that you guys weren’t there.”

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h/t Fightful