Dolph Ziggler Given Credit For Helping Ex-WWE Champion’s Career

dolph ziggler wwe ropes

A former WWE Champion sees Dolph Ziggler as somebody who was very respected by his peers.

After nearly 20 years in WWE which saw him win two World Titles and nearly every other championship multiple times, Dolph Ziggler was released by WWE in September.

While WWE releasing Ziggler could certainly be considered a shock considering his long tenure in the company, he wasn’t being used that often in 2023 or in the previous years, so it’s understandable that WWE felt like it was time for him to move on.

Big E is a former WWE Champion who debuted on the WWE roster as a bodyguard/ally of Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee at a time when Ziggler was a top heel feuding with the top babyface John Cena a lot.

In an interview with HOT 97, Big E said he was appreciative of being able to learn from a guy like Ziggler.

“I just have a lot of respect for him. At the time, he didn’t really need me. I felt like the company was trying to force him to have a heater, and he was over enough, he was willing it enough to not need me. He should have had that opportunity without me, without all that stuff.”

“So I appreciate him kind of taking me under his wing. When I first started, my very first moment on the main roster was laying out John Cena in Philly to close the show. So I am so appreciative of that opportunity.”

Dolph Ziggler Is The Smoothest In The Ring According To Big E

During that aforementioned Ziggler rivalry with John Cena, Big E recalls being at ringside for one of their Steel Cage Matches at Madison Square Garden and learning from two future Hall of Famers.

“To get to travel the world with Dolph, to learn from him, to be ringside… I still remember vividly, it was at Madison Square Garden, the main event is Cena and Ziggler in a Steel Cage. I’m there ringside, I’m there listening, hearing the crowd, learning. So it was the best learning experience being under Dolph. He’s the smoothest [in the ring], no one’s better. So salute to him, and I just appreciate all he did for me and my career. But yeah, he’s the man.”

While Dolph Ziggler has been mostly silent about his WWE release, the man whose real name is Nic Nemeth is promoting his upcoming Hunkamania comedy show in Los Angeles on his Instagram page.

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