Disappointed Ex-WWE Star Wanted To Re-Sign

Triple H WWE Raw

An ex-WWE star has denied wanting to leave the company.

On June 27th, Dijak announced he was leaving WWE when his contract expired. In an open letter to fans, the former NXT star opened up about his frustration at how his time with the company came to an end, claiming there were no contract negotiations, although he and his team tried to initiate.

After impressing in NXT, Dijak was moved back to the main roster as part of the 2024 Draft, but he didn’t make a single appearance on Raw. He was instead restricted to one match on Main Event, and one more on Speed. In the days after leaving WWE, Dijak described wrestling on Main Event as being handed a death sentence.

In a new interview with Forbes, Dijak admitted he was actually planning on staying with WWE, so his departure came as something of a surprise.

So in a sense, it’s on me. I should have been planning better. But the reality is I wasn’t really planning for this. I was planning on re-signing a new contract and negotiating a new contract. So once this got dumped on me, it became kind of a fire sale.”

Dijak Disappointed Not Betrayed By WWE

Dijak added that he was disappointed he never got an explanation as to why he was being cut, despite repeatedly asking for one.

“I don’t know that I’d say betrayed is the word that I would use. And a lot of this has to be taken with a grain of salt, because the bottom line is, I don’t know. I never got an explanation, which for the record, that’s not cool. I wanted an explanation and I asked lots of people for an explanation. I did not get one.

Again, it’s a business. They don’t owe me anything. They’re not legally obligated to tell me anything. That being said, I felt like my tenure in WWE and my performance in WWE, at a bare minimum, I think that warranted some sort of explanation as to what was happening. I never got one. And that’s disappointing.

The word I would use the most to describe how I feel about WWE, and the components of WWE and how this transpired, would be ‘disappointed,’ not disgusted, not angry, not none of that.

That being said, somebody had to be involved in the decision-making process. If it wasn’t him, fine. If Endeavor said, ‘Nope, you got to get rid of five guys…’ I don’t know the situation. I don’t know. So I can’t in all good conscious sit back and point the finger at any one person because I was given no explanation. And maybe that’s why I wasn’t given an explanation.

So I can’t pinpoint what went wrong and who made what call and whatever it happens to be. Whatever the process was, whatever the decision making process was, it’s disappointing for sure, and I need to prove whoever was involved in that process wrong. I need to make sure that I prove them wrong.”

Since leaving WWE, Dijak has already visited AEW, commenting that Tony Khan is aware of his interest in a move.