Ex-WWE Star Says Tony Khan Is Aware Of Their Interest In AEW

Tony Khan AEW

A former WWE star has made their intentions known to Tony Khan.

In an open letter to fans on June 27th, Dijak announced he was leaving WWE after the company refused to negotiate a new deal. The now-former NXT star said he had attempted to open talks with the company, but he was “stonewalled” before being told his contract wouldn’t be renewed at the 11th hour.

After leaving WWE, Dijak visited AEW in the days before Forbidden Door, sparking speculation he could be on the verge of signing with the promotion.

Speaking in a new interview with Forbes, the star joked he turned up at the taping unannounced, before confirming Tony Khan is “aware of his interest.”

“Nobody. I showed up uninvited (laughs). No, Mojo [Rawley] and Steve [Kaye] both arranged that for me. They have great connections. Steve was there with me, so he brought me along, brought me in. I don’t know if anything needs to be approved by Tony [Khan] specifically or if they just kind of have people going in and out.

But I know that Tony has been made aware of my interest, and I know that there’s reciprocal respect if nothing else.”

Tony Khan In Talks With Ricochet

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Tony Khan is in talks with representatives of former WWE star Ricochet. According to the most recent report on the situation, Ricochet’s agent was backstage at the July 3rd episode of Dynamite in Chicago, and the star is expected to become All Elite “soon.”

Ricochet became a free agent on July 1st after letting his WWE deal expire.

Elsewhere, it’s been reported that Mustafa Ali was also backstage visiting during the same Dynamite taping.