Details On Bryan Danielson’s Role In AEW Creative

Bryan Danielson AEW

Some light has been shed on just how much influence Bryan Danielson has over the creative process in AEW.

When you have someone with the experience level of ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson, it is no surprise that you would look to utilize him as more than just a wrestler in any company. AEW head honcho has been quick to add Danielson to the creative process, helping to form ideas and piece together live television.

A new report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has indicated that Danielson may have more power than people thought, and that he is heavily involved in fleshing out the ideas Tony Khan comes up with.

Bryan Danielson has become more important of late in creative. Danielson last week noted how he and Tony Khan think so much alike as per their views on pro wrestling. Danielson was described as someone who adds good input into any booking conversation. It was said when Khan is booking ideas and he’s in the room with him, he pushes Khan to think harder and improves his thinking, like he adds more enthusiasm to Khan.

The 6/2 Rampage show, which from an in-ring wrestling perspective was one of the best one-hour shows the company has done, was an example of Danielson adding to Khan’s outline of the idea of the Championship Friday show.

Bryan Danielson has also had his match confirmed for Forbidden Door later this month, as his challenge to ‘The Rainmaker’ Kazuchika Okada has been accepted.

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