Demolition Ax Opens Up About Struggles With WWE Road Agents

Demolition Ax Opens Up About Struggles With WWE Road Agents

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE Superstar Bill Eadie, best known as Ax of Demolition and a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, candidly discussed his experiences with challenging road agents during his time in WWE.

Eadie specifically pointed out two WWE Hall of Famers, George Steele and Chief Jay Strongbow, as problematic figures in the locker room. According to Eadie, both road agents exhibited biased behaviour, lacking understanding and often creating tension among the wrestlers.

Strongbow was completely biased towards the company. There was no middle ground for understanding, and sometimes the guys needed a bit of leniency. He rubbed most people the wrong way and would make up stories too. George Steele was similar, trying to get on the office’s good side when he didn’t need to.

George Steele and Jay Strongbow served as road agents in WWE for about a decade after retiring from full-time wrestling in the 1980s. Eadie detailed his specific issues with the two and how he became cautious about what he said around them.

They would say things like this guy is ‘making remarks about the company’. In our case, they claimed we caused a disturbance in the dressing room against the company, which wasn’t true. The company went through a period where they made the guys buy their own tickets to get home. We said that’s not fair, and suddenly we were causing a disturbance. When it came to a head, we met with Vince, and I explained the real story. After that, I was very careful about what I said in front of George Steele and Jay Strongbow.

Eadie also disclosed his decision to decline a transition into a road agent role for WWE after a health scare in 1990. He recounted a meeting in which he was informed about the transition with Vince McMahon.

I was going to transition from Demolition and move into the office as a road agent. The first meeting I had was in the locker room in Rochester, NY, and I was told ‘you’re going to do this, you’re going to start on this date, your pay will be this, and oh by the way you’re now going to be an office guy and not one of the boys’. And I told Vince I don’t feel comfortable doing this. So that was that.

Eventually, Eadie left the company a few months later, with his final appearance being at Survivor Series 1990. Since then, he hasn’t returned to WWE in any capacity.

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