Former WWE Superstar Opens Up About Their Drastic Gimmick Change

Former WWE Superstar Opens Up About Their Drastic Gimmick Change

Former WWE Superstar Barry Darsow has discussed his transformation into the Repo Man character in WWE, during an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews.

Darsow had previously worked as Smash in the Demolition tag team, and achieved tremendous success winning the WWE Tag Team Titles 3 times. Once the Demolition team ran its course in 1991, Darsow was hopeful for something else to do with the company.

Vince McMahon called me up and said ‘Hey I really want you back up here, you’re not gonna be the Demolition, let’s have a meeting. Have you got any thoughts?’

Darsow suggested a Repo Man character, mentioning he used to repo cars and get into situations that were tough to get out of. Discussion then went into the look of the character with Vince suggesting Darsow wear a mask, and also how the gimmick could turn out in the future. Darsow suggested.

How about I have a small mask, something like The Riddler (from Batman) and I make it a serious but kinda funny gimmick, so then I can turn babyface one day because I don’t know how much longer I wanna be in this business and I’d like to end my career as a babyface and do some stuff for Make-A-Wish.

Vince McMahon liked the idea and the Repo Man character very quickly ended up on TV. But after about a year, Darsow was looking for a change.

It was getting hard to wrestle as the Repo Man because people were kinda liking me but not liking me, and it’s hard to work in those conditions, you either wanna be hated or wanna be loved. I went to Vince and said it’s time to change me as a babyface, I’m ready.

But, Vince McMahon told him he was never gonna be a babyface, so Darsow fired back that he would have to leave WWE then. But Vince even offered Darsow a different gimmick to try and make him reconsider.

I told Vince I’m gonna have to put my notice in then as that’s not what we talked about, and I left a few months later. Then he called me back and said I’ve got another gimmick for you. Hawk came up with a gimmick, and Vince wanted me to be Doink the Clown. I told him I don’t know if I could do that, I don’t wanna do this anymore… I wanna have a different gimmick and so I was done and then Doink the Clown came out and that was it.

Matt Borne was cast as Doink The Clown in late 1992 and Darsow departed WWE in early 1993. He would eventually join WCW a year later as Blacktop Bully.

Why Was Former WWE Superstar Barry Darsow Fired From WCW After Only A Year?

Barry Darsow has revealed his was fired from WCW by Eric Bischoff following his King of the Road match with Dustin Rhodes at the Uncensored 1995 PPV after both wrestlers bladed during the match due to instructions from agent Mike Graham, and so all 3 were let go as a result as there was a strict no blood policy in WCW at the time.

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