Dax Harwood On Vince McMahon Trying To Embarrass Him On WWE TV

Dax Harwood of FTR wearing a black entrance jacket and pointing

Vince McMahon got Dax Harwood thinking when a potentially embarrassing was planned for WWE Raw.

FTR have proven themselves to be one of the most proficient tag teams of the modern era, with a no-nonsense style that has seen them pick up title gold wherever they’ve gone.

However, there have been a few occasions where the lighter side of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler has been on display, with one of them coming a year before they were released by WWE.

In April 2019, FTR were shown in a backstage segment where they were shaving the back of one another. In his FTR With Dax podcast, Harwood has discussed the segment and how Vince McMahon’s idea for it got him thinking.

When that was presented to us, obviously it’s supposed to be embarrassing for us, and I’m thinking like, this is childish sh*t. It’s not even funny. What is supposed to be embarrassing about someone shaving my back? Is it supposed to be embarrassing because Vince thinks it’s effeminate? Is that him subjecting a certain group of humanity as an embarrassment to humanity. I started thinking, ‘What is the embarrassment’, because I’m not embarrassed. Dan and I are probably the only two wrestlers in the world right now who have complete body hair everywhere. We’re the ones who don’t shave.

On the same podcast, Dax Harwood discussed how it’s up to Tony Khan if FTR return to AEW.

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