Dax Harwood Trusts Paul Heyman As Much As He Does “His Dog To Read The Bible”

Paul Heyman

Dax Harwood certainly didn’t hold much stock in what Paul Heyman had to say to him on one occasion.

It was near the time when FTR would end up leaving WWE, that a number of numerous skits involving Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler started appearing on WWE programming. One of these was when the pair ended up with ‘Ucey Cream’ in their trunks.

Speaking on his FTR With Dax podcast, the multi-time tag team champion discussed the reaction when they went through the curtain, especially from Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman – making some disparaging remarks about how little he trusts the latter.

It was hilarious. We thought it was funny. I knew going into it I was gonna make the absolute most that I could out of it. I wanted to oversell it and I wanted to show him (Vince) like, hey dude, we’re more than what you think.

Even if you’re going to try to embarrass us until we leave, we’re going to have fun doing it. The last thing we did on stage was, I did this forward roll, and then I barrel rolled all the way through the curtain to the back, and when we got to the back and stood up, we got a standing ovation from everybody, Vince included, and Paul Heyman, who I don’t trust any more than I trust my fu**ing dog to read the bible when I go upstairs.

He came up to us and he gave us this hug and he said, ‘You always thought you were gonna get over by being a great wrestler, huh? Now you’re over with the man’, and he pointed to Vince. To be fair, that’s a lot of the office. Whenever you’re high on Vince’s list, everybody is your best friend. Everybody loves you. Everybody thinks you’re the greatest thing in the world. When Vince doesn’t care about you, that’s when they forget about you and that’s when they don’t have time for you.

Dax Harwood also spoke of another famous segment FTR were in, and how Vince McMahon made him think with the concept.

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