Dax Harwood Explains Why Tony Khan Features ROH On AEW Programming

dax harwood tag team title

Dax Harwood has given his opinion on why ROH matches and titles have been featured on AEW programming over the past year.

After AEW Owner Tony Khan purchased Ring of Honor in March 2022, there were suddenly plenty of ROH championships on AEW television as well as commentators, ring announcers and more of ROH on AEW programming. It was Tony’s way of trying to promote the second wrestling promotion that he owns because ROH didn’t have a television deal at the time.

On a recent episode of his FTR Podcast, former ROH Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood spoke about why he felt like ROH had a place on AEW TV.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s confusing. I don’t think you’re gonna confuse the AEW World Heavyweight Champion with the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion.”

“I can understand where it’s not the ideal situation. It’s not what you exactly want, you know. If you’re watching AEW television, you want to watch AEW. But Tony is very, very passionate about Ring of Honor, he wants to make it work.”

As he continued, Dax Harwood praised Tony Khan for working hard to rebuild the ROH brand.

“He’s a business-oriented kind of guy and he is working his ass off to make Ring of Honor work. I think there’s a crazy misconception in the world of professional wrestling, at least with some of the fans, that it’s easy to get a television show on the network. And that’s not an easy feat.

“It’s very tough to get that, so he didn’t want to rush anything. He didn’t want to half-ass anything with Ring of Honor, but he also didn’t want to let what he had purchased, he didn’t want it to get lost in the fans’ minds.

“He wanted to remind them of what Ring of Honor was and has such a history and such a legacy, I can understand why he was doing what he was doing. But you know, he’s doing it because he loves it, and he believes in it.”

H/T Inside The Ropes