Dax Harwood Hopes People Will Respect FTR’s Contract Decision

FTR Dax Harwood Cash Wheeler

FTR are well aware that not everyone will be happy with their contract decision, but Dax Harwood hopes that those that disagree at least respect it.

Over the last few months there has been plenty of discussion around the contract status of FTR with AEW. Although they ended up returning at Revolution with one eye on the Tag Team Championships, the other talk had centered around their contracts potentially ending in April this year.

With that seemingly the case, Dax Harwood has also recently confirmed that their future has been decided – without confirming if they’ll be staying where they are, returning to WWE, or going on an independent run.

In a recent discussion on his FTR With Dax podcast, Dax Harwood opened up on the talks he’s had with Cash Wheeler over the situation.

I talked to Cash today on the phone. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish and the legacy, obviously, that we wanted to leave. I think we’ve left a pretty good one so far, but what we wanted to further leave. We talked about a schedule. We talked about money. We talked, literally everything. We’ve talked about this before, but it’s come down to nut cutting time, so we needed to make a decision where we wanted to go.

Dax Harwood went on to talk about how they don’t need to sign anywhere straight away and can have a break if they want, but there at least needed to be a plan in place.

If we decide to sign a contract, if that’s what we decide to do, we don’t have to sign the contract in April. We can take a few weeks, months, you know, however long we want off if we need to. But we did need to come up with a plan, come up with a decision, and I think it’s a decision that is going to benefit us. I think it’s going to benefit my family. I think It’s going to benefit our fans as well and I think they’re going to enjoy what we decide to do. I hope they are.

Continuing on, Dax Harwood admitted that whatever they decide on there will be some who are critical, but hopes that they can at least understand why they did what they did.

There are gonna be some people who complain about it too and that was a thing that we talked about. If we decided to stay with AEW, so many of the other WWE fans would say that we were too afraid to go back, or if we wanted to leave a real legacy, we go to WWE and finish off at WrestleMania then be in their Hall of Fame or whatever, and they’d be mad at us for staying at a AEW.

But then on the flip side, if we decided to take our career and go back to WWE, the AEW fans would say that we turned our back on the company that made us, a company that has taken care of us and allowed us to do the things that we love to do, and a company that is also ever growing, and a company that has defeated all the odds. Regardless of what anybody wants to say, it has defeated all the odds. So the fans there are passionate.

I just hope that ultimately all wrestling fans can respect the decision that we make, or that we have made because it’s going to benefit us. It’s going to benefit, again, our families. I think ultimately it will benefit the legacy we want to leave.

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