Dax Harwood Says FTR “Weren’t Hunter Guys” In WWE

The Revival, now known as FTR, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler

Whilst FTR were already seen as top professional wrestlers, Dax Harwood feels that Triple H didn’t see the team as his guys.

FTR, known as The Revival, were one of the top tag teams during the black and gold era alongside the likes of American Alpha and DIY. Whilst they held the Tag Team Championships on two occasions, this success didn’t translate to the main roster and the team found themselves making the move to AEW.

Now, with their contracts set to expire in April, there are plenty of questions as to what their decision is going to be – stay with AEW, move back to WWE, or take a run on the independent scene.

However, in a discussion on his FTR With Dax podcast, Dax Harwood has noted that Triple H acknowledged their talent, but they weren’t “Hunter guys”.

He’s someone who changed the trajectory of my career, Cash’s career, and he did it by being a boss first, being a mentor second, and I learned, you know, I’ve said it before, we were never Hunter guys and’ll hold to that until the day we retire. I do believe that we were one of his favorites, skill wise, talent wise, I think we were, but we weren’t one of the guys I think he wanted to build the company around or the brand around.

I think he understood what we offered. I think he understood how, this is egotistical, but how good we were in the ring, the stories we get to tell, and I think he knew that we could be a piece to the puzzle, but I don’t think he wanted us to be the whole puzzle.

Continuing on, Dax Harwood talked about some of the wrestlers Triple H was closer with, and how he was treated differently to them.

He loved Gargano and he loved Ciampa. He loves those guys. He loved Fergal and those were his guys. So when I say we weren’t his guys, it’s not that he wasn’t a fan of ours, or we weren’t any of his favorite in-ring guys, it’s just we weren’t the guys that I think he wanted to build the company around.

Like I said, we were out for a couple of weeks. Both of us got injured. I had surgery and Ciampa was just a little banged up. Hunter would call or text him and ask, ‘How are things going?’ I had surgery and I’m sitting at home and I’m trying to rush back because we got to come back to drop the belts to Gargano and Ciampa, and I heard nothing.

In conclusion, Dax Harwood says that Triple H spoke to them about their talent, but clearly didn’t want to build the company around them.

We weren’t Hunter guys. I don’t hold any ill feelings towards him because of that. We just weren’t. But I do think that he was a fan of our work. I know he was. He told us. I think that he was a fan of us as talents. It’s just not who he necessarily wanted to build the company around.

Dax Harwood also discussed during the interview how he hopes everyone will respect the decision FTR have made for their future.

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