Dax Harwood Says FTR Would Be “Stuck In A Rut” Had They Stayed In WWE

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood has reflected on his and Cash Wheeler’s decision to leave WWE and explains why he holds no ill will towards Vince McMahon.

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were previously collectively known as The Revival in WWE where they captured the NXT, Raw, and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. However, they were released from their WWE deals in April 2020 well over a year after they had originally asked to be let out of their deals.

Speaking to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Harwood explained how he and Cash told Triple H that they wanted to leave but says he doesn’t hold any resentment towards former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon:

“We went into the building that night with the idea that we were gonna ask for our release. We asked for Hunter and Vince all day and they were very busy which is typical of a TV day so I’m not upset at all.”

“But we had our match with the Lucha House Party, we came back to the back dripping sweat and we said ‘Hunter we need to talk to you now’ and he said ‘can you give me five minutes?’ We said absolutely, he came to the back and we said – man we just knew. This is gonna sound very egotistical but we knew we could do better than what we were doing and we knew tag team wrestling could be presented better than it was being presented.”

“If we were gonna stay there we would have been stuck in a rut in that previous regime and never amounted to anything. Now we’ve been able to go out and we’ve been able to make a name for ourselves.”

“I can’t be mad at Vince because if he doesn’t like tag team wrestling that’s ok because one, it’s his company but that’s ok, it’s his opinion not to like it and if he doesn’t like specifically me and Cash that’s ok too. It just sucks that he was the only billionaire boss at the time that was paying us that much money. But that’s totally ok and I harbour no ill feelings towards him or the company.”

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