Dax Harwood Has High Praise For Fellow AEW Star – “Most Underrated Wrestler In The World”

dax harwood ftr

Dax Harwood has named a fellow AEW wrestler as somebody that he believes is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world.

It was an impressive 2022 for the tag team known as FTR because Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler held the ROH, NJPW and AAA Tag Team Titles for most of the year. While the team did not get to hold the AEW Tag Team Titles again, they still received praise among critics and fans that consider them arguably the best tag team in the world.

FTR lost the ROH Tag Team Titles to the Briscoe Brothers at the Final Battle pay-per-view on December 10th. It was a Double Dog Collar Match that featured a lot of blood and chaos throughout the match.

On his FTR podcast about the Double Dog Collar Match, Dax Harwood talked about their run holding multiple tag team titles at once.

“Well, at the time, I you know, honestly, and I can speak for Cash too, because he told me, we at that point in time, we didn’t want the tag belts, the AEW tag belts. Because we felt that if we did get the tag belts, one, this team that had just like us gotten organically over with the people loved them and cared about them, they may be upset with us.”

“But two, you know, I didn’t want to have not not just because my bags are heavy, but I didn’t want to have four Tag Team belts walking around because then I thought, Man, the people are going to think that we’re getting pushed down their throats.”

As Dax Harwood continued talking about the Double Dog Collar match, he praised his tag team partner Cash Wheeler for the way he reacted after FTR lost the titles to The Briscoes.

“So just as I talked about with the Punk match, I knew that if we lost in the right way, we can make them feel sorry for us and make them love us even more. And Cash does this beautiful thing at the end of that match. When he gets pinned he lays there, he finds the floor cam, he lays there on his back and he grabs his head and like like oh my god, you know what I mean? He just lays there, but there’s not like an over-exaggeration, like oh my God this, and he’s just so shocked.”

“And again, no one knows what the powerbomb into a reverse you know pin feels like, but they know what that emotion feels like. And dude, I’m getting goosebumps talking about it, that’s why he’s the most, one of the reasons why he’s the most underrated wrestler in the world.”

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